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  • 2024-25 Fall/Winter Program registration opening at Midnight on April 1, 2023

    2024-25 Fall/Winter Program registration opening at Midnight on April 1, 2023

College Recruiting Help

Lacrosse Draws Recruiting Support

1. Recruiting Process Overview:

  • This is a 1-time recruiting process overview and detailed strategy session with Former Division 1 Head Coach Andy Towers (roughly 2 hours long) covering:
    • Understanding where the "true finish line"┬álies for the prospect
      • Success vs. the Ultimate Finish
  • A general overview of the recruiting process
    • What the prospect can and can't control
    • How the college coaches put their respective recruiting classes together
  • A look at the pace of the process and how to combat it effectively
  • Understanding the goals of the prospects vs. the needs of the college coaches
  • The role of the parents "Don't┬ábe the parent that..."
  • How to manage the timing and wording of your communications with the college coaches
  • An general plan of how to attack the recruiting process as a person, student, and athletec to maximize control over an uncontrollable process
    • How to do responsible due diligence
    • How to max out your academic profile at the appropriate time frame
    • How to maximize your visibility
  • Q&A

2. Perpetual Recruiting Process Support:

  • This service provides clients with support throughout the recruiting process as it uniquely evolves for each prospect
  • Direction and justification on which recruiting events are 'worth the money' and which events are a 'waste of money'
  • "Is Club Lacrosse worth the continued investment for us or should we change our strategy based on how this process is unfolding?"
  • Get answers to ALL of your family's questions as they arise.....

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